Zoom Lecture/Webinar: Feminism, Faith, and Patriarchy in Fantasy: The Khorasan Archives

When: Thursday, October 15th, 6:30 pm

Speaker:  Ausma Zehanat Khan

Join us for a conversation with award-winning author Ausma Zehanat Khan as she discusses her fantasy series The Khorasan Archives.

Ausma Zehanat Khan is the author of mysteries and fantasies. Her critically acclaimed mystery series figures the Pakistani-Canadian inspector Esa Khattak and his partner Rachel Getty, solving crimes that involve Human Rights violations, such as the mysterious death of a war criminal with ties to the Srebrenica massacre of 1995, in The Unquiet Death, or, in her most recent novel A Deadly Divide, a mass shooting at a Mosque in Quebec and the after-effects of a rising tide of Islamophobia in both the province and the nation. In an effort to increase readers’ understanding of the historical and political context her mysteries, Khan supplements them with brief postscripts, providing historical background and suggestions for further readings.

As an author of fantasy, Khan has produced three novels in her prospective Khorasan Quartet, involving the Companions of Hira, a group of heroic women who use their magical power to defeat an oppressive, patriarchal regime. Khan has also written a non-fiction book, Ramadan, for middle-grade students, and served as Editor in Chief of Muslim Girl magazine, the first magazine to address a target audience of young Muslim women. Khan holds a Ph.D. in international human rights law with a research specialization in military intervention and war crimes in the Balkans. She practiced immigration law in Toronto and has taught international human rights law at Northwestern University, as well as human rights and business law at York University. She is a long-time community activist and writer, and currently lives in Colorado with her husband.

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